New Hearth is a burgeoning frontier territory. First discovered by the intrepid halfling explorer Ryn Rangerover, the land was named for its idyllic qualities – warm weather, quiet woods, and vast pastures. Getting to New Hearth used to be tragically difficult- the coasts are too treacherous for most ships and access overland required passing several mountain ranges. It wasn’t until a decade ago, when a tunnel was dug through the mountains, that people began to populate the area.

In time, a booming industry developed for trapping, ranching, and farming. However, lawlessness is the burden of any frontier and New Hearth would be no exception. As the surplus of quality meats, cheeses, and exotic leathers flowed out of New Hearth, brigands and miscreants began to trickle in. Despite the efforts of local militias, banditry is not uncommon along the roads and woods. Even the largest town, Aberdeen, suffers losses of crops and cattle to raiders each year. The presence of so many people has even begun to lure monsters down from the mountains and out of the bogs of New Hearth. Tales of ravenous and cruel creatures stalking men and cattle alike float through every tavern. Such dark spots though, do not diminish the prosperity and promise of the Hearthlands as the stream of newcomers steadily grows. More commoners, outcasts, and even adventurers, arrive each day, hoping to make a new life or find their fortune here.

New Hearth