New Hearth

Day 4: Brian

Once again our adventurers proved dutiful and robust as they chased down the errant wagon. Some pleasantries were exchanged as our heroes rode by to confirm the wagon’s identity- as they showed their hand as doers-of-good, the wagon driver showed her hand as bringer-of-brians. From the back of the wagon, an overgrown brute of a zombie-man emerged with some semblance of intelligence and tact. He threw the barrels from the back of the wagon at our gallant riders with questionable accuracy. As the barrels hit, they burst open! Skeletons and zombies spewing out with deadly intent!

Despite all this, our heroes were victorious. Stopping an ever wider outbreak of zombie-ism. Now knowing exactly what’s at stake, the party turned their horses back southeast towards the source of the problem, Hopsley.

The players also made a pit stop in Brie, where the streets were eerily abandoned. An even larger horse-shaped inn stared down at them but they decided to leave that potential nest of zombies for another day.

Day 3: Whodunnit?

Nothing is easy in New Hearth. As our adventurers hopped off the wagon and entered the Pokeynose Inn, they were immediately suspicious of the copious amount of drunkards and bad beer. Having talked up the locals and looked around the establishment, there was little to suspect until they reached Poopgaze deck. Having only a moment to take in the tranquil surroundings, a loud scream was heard downstairs and it was on! Steel in hand, the adventurers found the inn beset from within- by zombies! It became quite clear that the zombies were recently risen and our heroes did their best to dispatch them and save what locals they could. In the aftermath, it became clear that the sudden zombie-ism was brought on by a recent beer delivery. One of the barrels even contained rotted limbs, some sick perversion of dry hopping.

With their owners recently deceased, the adventurers acquired horses from the nearby stable, setting off after the wicked wagon to the west.

Day 2: Bandits? We be bandits.

In the morning, our intrepid group of travelers decided to don the garb of their deceased attackers and continue west on Ransom Way. They were challenged by yet another bandit, but their disguises and ‘smooth’ acting convinced him they were the real deal. When told where to drop off the wagon’s goods, the party decided to lure the camp’s occupants into an ambush of their own. The trap was successful and the party slew a Bandit Captain with only Diane taking serious wounds. They interrogated (without torturing) a surviving bandit who spilled the beans about the operation- most notably that any captives from the ambushes were being transported south through the swamps by a mysterious orange-robed person. The party dispatched the previous bandit and his lover in short order, but not before they could blow their horn. A few minutes later, a tremendous crash was heard to the east and a large cloud of dust rose into the air. The party, at the behest of Davwryn, made double-time on the wagon- driving the horses to near death exhaustion. Riding through the night, the group escaped the ravine and the Pokeynose Inn was in sight, the raucous sounds of merriment from the inn beckoning them onward.

Day 1: Cheesey goodness

Only a day after arriving in New Hearth, the party had already begun to set things right. After meeting the locals, the adventurers had taken on a dangerous mission to lead a cheese wagon through Ransom Way. Proving their resilience, the party survived two ambushes and even defeated the bandit’s leader, Graznor. Upon his person, they found 30 gold pieces- all pressed with an unfamiliar symbol, an octopus with the features of a castle. Though still a good day’s travel from leaving the ravine, the adventurers have much to celebrate in this hostile environment. Davwryn, the wagon handler, splits one of the damaged cheese wheels commending the player’s on reaching level 2 and keeping him and his nephew alive thus far.

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