New Hearth

Day 3: Whodunnit?

Nothing is easy in New Hearth. As our adventurers hopped off the wagon and entered the Pokeynose Inn, they were immediately suspicious of the copious amount of drunkards and bad beer. Having talked up the locals and looked around the establishment, there was little to suspect until they reached Poopgaze deck. Having only a moment to take in the tranquil surroundings, a loud scream was heard downstairs and it was on! Steel in hand, the adventurers found the inn beset from within- by zombies! It became quite clear that the zombies were recently risen and our heroes did their best to dispatch them and save what locals they could. In the aftermath, it became clear that the sudden zombie-ism was brought on by a recent beer delivery. One of the barrels even contained rotted limbs, some sick perversion of dry hopping.

With their owners recently deceased, the adventurers acquired horses from the nearby stable, setting off after the wicked wagon to the west.


Slumberhaus Slumberhaus

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