New Hearth

Day 4: Brian

Once again our adventurers proved dutiful and robust as they chased down the errant wagon. Some pleasantries were exchanged as our heroes rode by to confirm the wagon’s identity- as they showed their hand as doers-of-good, the wagon driver showed her hand as bringer-of-brians. From the back of the wagon, an overgrown brute of a zombie-man emerged with some semblance of intelligence and tact. He threw the barrels from the back of the wagon at our gallant riders with questionable accuracy. As the barrels hit, they burst open! Skeletons and zombies spewing out with deadly intent!

Despite all this, our heroes were victorious. Stopping an ever wider outbreak of zombie-ism. Now knowing exactly what’s at stake, the party turned their horses back southeast towards the source of the problem, Hopsley.

The players also made a pit stop in Brie, where the streets were eerily abandoned. An even larger horse-shaped inn stared down at them but they decided to leave that potential nest of zombies for another day.


Slumberhaus Slumberhaus

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